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Using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) To Make Your Business More Efficient

More and more companies around the world, big and small, are using software alongside their current infrastructure to collect and organize “big data” – easy-to-interpret information gathered from a wide range of source material using a defined set of parameters. Yet, with 39% of businesses still not understanding how artificial intelligence (A.I.) can benefit their business, Sage have published a list of 5 practical A.I. applications that can help improve yield and efficiency of company sales and operations.


A.I. is a collection of algorithms, designed to make repetitive tasks faster, and to make data collection more accessible and highlight the options most beneficial for future development. As the business leader and manager, you set the parameters by which it functions and decide what to do with the data.


Will A.I. Replace MeA.I. isn’t intelligence in the human sense, but a set of algorithms designed to do a specific job to help your business in any number of ways.

Intuitive Data: International organizations need to be able to quickly access and make sense of culture-specific client information, while e-businesses need to learn the best time of day to engage their e-mail marketing campaign to yield the most business. Company leaders and analysts, from IBM to Mastercard, rely on software gathering and organizing complex data quickly and presenting it in easy-to-understand graphs and tables, so they can get on with the business of leading.

Client Engagement: As the most visited social media website in the world, Facebook is an essential resource for any business to maximize engagement with their clients. “Insights” is the algorithm which monitors your business’ Facebook page. It reports the age and location of the users that are interacting with your page, the number of clicks on your contact button, and how long users are watching your videos before stopping.

Intelligent Recruitment: There’s no denying that hiring new employees can be one of the more mundane tasks of any business. Fortunately, there are now recruitment bots capable of rapidly scanning thousands of social media profiles for your required skillsets, meaning you can instantly contact only the best candidates.

Customer Service: Chatbots are A.I. run chat software which look and operate like 24/7 website support. Instead of paying for an employee to work online at all hours of the day, chatbots integrate with your FAQs (frequently asked questions) by identifying key words in the customers’ questions and then writing a response in the style and tone of a human being.

Asset Maintenance: Companies utilizing heavy and expensive machinery need to constantly inspect, maintain and ensure the safety of their equipment to protect their staff and maximize output. This began with installing sensors to monitor equipment integrity and install fail-safe systems, which can now be monitored and controlled by A.I. Software can track data in real-time, organize maintenance and assessment of at-risk components, and make real-time decisions to prevent damage and emergencies.

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