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What is Invoice Finance, and How Could it Benefit my Business Cashflow

Improve your Cashflow

How Could Invoice Finance Benefit my Business Cashflow
It’s no secret that businesses are fuelled by money. The more of it your company has, the more opportunities will occur. That said, for many, running a business is a long and lonely waiting game, waiting for the cash to trickle on through so it can be attributed to somewhere else. While the cashflow needs to run smoothly, it takes time to build that momentum.

However, invoice financing can be of enormous benefit to the cashflow, and thereby to any fledging company looking to accelerate their growth. Here’s how it’s application can benefit your business.

Instant Pay

If your business deals with clients daily, then no doubt you have a stack of invoices building up. After these are sent off the waiting game starts for payday. Tensions can run high here, as late payments can spur aggressive negotiations and sour what were once solid business relationships. Still, the bottom line is that your firm needs money to survive.

Invoice financing enhances the cash flow. For example, Touch Financial are a trusted and reliable broker, and will set you up with a company that’s determined to remove that crippling 14-120 day period and replace it with a 24 hour wait for the benefit of your cashflow. This means you’ll dodge all the painful holdups that once dogged every payment you were owed, boosting your working capital by receiving payments 100% of your invoice value much faster.

Accelerated Growth

For one reason or another, standard invoices could incur delays, which could crop up like booby traps and stall your business to a grinding halt. A host of subsequent responsibilities come wrapped up in this situation, and your business can’t move on till the money’s gone through. This period is frankly frustrating, a painstaking domino effect in action.

Of course, with instant pay comes faster growth. The money that comes in can go straight out again, building more opportunities for your business at a much quicker rate. It can revitalise your confidence in continuing trade, removing many of the pressing reasons for hesitation and apprehension during this time. More money will be backing up your business decisions, improving business to business relationships with timely transactions, and really lend a resurgence to company productivity.

Extra Perks

Loans and investments from banks or others can be quite rigid and lack flexibility. Very often, companies in need of help still need to compromise greatly during any bid for support. There’s little wiggle room for negotiation, and most lenders are extremely strict with their terms and conditions before they hand any cash over. That’s if you’re not flatly rejected in the first place.

That said, invoice financing provides much more flexibility, with the service quite literally tailored to a company’s individual needs. Big or small, successful or standing on the brink of failure, extras such as credit collection and payroll facilities can all be added at a moment’s notice. It’s a more human facility, taking your troubles into consideration to build a service fit for your purposes.

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