IMM Financial was borne of the ashes of the Global Market crash of 2006.

The founders of IMM had worked for several years in various locations in the Business Financing Industry and when the Global Meltdown hit, many of the companies they were with found themselves surrounded by chaos and confusion due to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Borne of the Ashes

IMM Financial recognized the need for an Alternative Funding Source for the Global Community to be able to go to in order to gain access to their Business Funding Needs. It was plain to see that bank funding left many businesses in ruins and that an Alternative was needed. The IMM Programs were created to give Cashflow Financing as well as Asset Financing to those businesses that need it. The Programs that IMM Financing has available are as follows:
Business Financing Assistant

  • Accounts Receivable Factoring

  • Small Business Loans

  • Purchase Order Finance

  • Export Finance

  • Equipment Leasing

  • Asset Based Lending

  • Letters of Credit

  • Merger & Acquisition

Please be advised that not all products are available in all geographies.

Most of our clients have already been to their bank and have been turned away for various reasons but the catch-all reasons for the bank not being able to assist these company owners is that the company is “not a fit for the bank”. Often there is nothing wrong with these companies it is just that their “needs” are outside of the bank’s programs.

IMM Financial: Business Financing to Suit Your Needs

Bank Small Business Lending

Each year that passes, Bank Loans are consistently getting more difficult to acquire.  On any given day,  you will find that banks are turning customers away because they do not fit their Business Financing mold that they have set up for the borrowing clients.  They will be happy to accept your cash deposits, but if you want to borrow, good luck.  In most cases if they do decide to lend to you, expect that they will take a lien position on everything you own.

Accounts Receivable Factoring or Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Factoring or Accounts Receivable Financing are terms that are interchangeable today which are part of the Small Business Financing Products. Technically there are subtle differences but for all practical purposes they are the same. If your company is not eligible for bank financing for a Line of Credit, then perhaps AR Factoring is the solution for your day to day cash flow needs.

Operating Line of Credit

Business Financing Assistant

If you company is looking for a true Line of Credit using all the assets of you company and the banks were not able to help, IMM Financial has partnered with several Business Financing Lenders who may be able to assist. An Operating Line of Credit under these Small Business Loan circumstances would basically be similar to bank financing.   The difference would be not having ties to your Operating Account that you would have for your daily deposits or check writing facilities.

Export Finance or Trade Finance

Export Finance or Trade Finance which it is also called is used are also part of the Small Business Financing Products.  When you have customers that are not in the same country as you are, these facilities are very useful. Our Foreign Accounts Receivable Facilities can advance up to 80% of the face value of your Foreign Receivables within 24 hours delivery of goods to your customer in many cases.  Be aware that not all countries are eligible for this type of funding due to various political or economic constraints.  There is no published list of the restricted countries as this list can change at any moment without notice.

Purchase Order Finance or PO Funding

Purchase Order Finance or PO Funding can assist you if you have confirmed Purchase Orders with Creditworthy customers and you need assistance to bridge the gap between when your customer pays you and when you need to pay your suppliers.  This is also part of the Small Business Loan Program and is always combined with an Accounts Receivable Financing facility. When the PO does roll over to a receivable, it then would fall under the AR Factoring umbrella.  At this point, the receivable may be eligible for an additional advance to the borrower, based on their account parameters.  Most PO Finance facilities will advance up to 70% of the face value of the deliverable invoice and with most AR Finance facilities, the advance will generally be at least 80% of the invoice value.  In this scenario, if the borrower wishes to have the difference between the PO advance and the AR advance thresholds, they may do so.

Merchant Card Advance or Credit Card Sales Advance

Business Financing AssistantMerchant Card Advances or Credit Card Sales Advances on your Merchant Account Sales are an option for many clients when they have a history of Credit Card Sales. This will open up a Small Business Financing account for your company that can be done regardless of credit history or if there are other liens on your company.  These loans do not have a fixed monthly payment, rather, they collect a percentage of your monthly credit card sales to cover the servicing of the loan.  Many store owners like this type of funding as it allows for a flexible payment based on the sales of the store.  Do be aware however, this type of Small Business Loan does have a premium as far as pricing is concerned, which many feel is outweighed by the flexibility of the program.  There is also a program available which takes the structure of the Merchant Card Advance structure and it is applied to the total revenues of the store, not just the credit card sales.  This program is getting more popular as time passes as it avails the company to more liquidity rather than just using the sales from credit cards as the borrowing base.

Equipment Financing or Equipment Leasing

Equipment Financing or Equipment Leasing is a method of Business Financing for your smaller or larger operating assets enabling companies to spread the cost of their larger ticket assets over the life of those assets as opposed to large cash outlays when the assets are required. This gives the benefit of using your liquid funds for cashflow or other purposes that will give the company a better use of those funds.  There are generally significant tax advantages to leasing as well, but be sure to speak with your tax professional when considering this option to make sure it is structured the best way possible for your business.

There may be advantages of taking a longer or shorter term lease that come into play, coupled with other areas of your business, these ratios can be maximized for the greatest tax advantage.  This program is not considered to be a Small Business Financing as Leases fall under a different accounting classification.  There are also Equipment Loans which are not a lease and do not have the tax advantages that leasing do.  These loans do show up on the balance sheet are calculated into a company’s servicing ratio when applying for financing other items at a later date.   This is another advantage of leasing that is not well known.

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Documentary Letters of Credit

Business Financing AssistantA Letter of Credit is often referred to as a LC but has several other names such as SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit), DLC (Documentary Letter of Credit) and BG (Bank Guarantee) among others and is NOT a Small Business Loan. Many times suppliers will require you to have some sort of Credit Enhancement to assure payment of their goods. IMM Financial can assist with supplying your company with the required Payment Guarantees needed.

IMM Financial is all about Business Financing Solutions, Small Business Lending, and Small Business Loan Programs. We are not just a Factoring Company that offers Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring, we also offer Purchase Order Finance, Working Capital Loan and Factoring Receivables in throughout Canada, USA, Latin America and Europe.  It is our goal to keep at the forefront of the Commercial Lending trends to be ahead of the curve and offer our Business Financing Products at the best price and to help as many companies as possible.  We truly strive to be a good corporate neighbor.

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