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Business Trends That Will Drive Success In 2017

So what will be the Hot Business Trends for 2017?

Each year, analysts try to predict what is the upcoming trend and this year, the Hot Business Trends point to the following niches.

1. Subject Matter Experts become the new Rainmakers
2. Crowdfunding
3. Sales and Content Marketing Integration
4. Video becomes essential
5. New Collaboration Tools (Rethinking Email)
6. Brick and Mortar Stores Without Expertise Disappear
7. Subject Matter Expert get Sales Support
8. Narrow Segments capture attention
9. Recurring Revenue
10. Millennials groomed for Leadership


Subject Matter Experts

A subject matter expert in business (also known as SME) is a professional with a rooted awareness of a distinct action, capability, systems, piece of equipment, content or sort of equipment.  Subject matter experts are Professionals and are generally pursued by others engaged in learning more about or leveraging their unique proficiency to resolve particular issues or help meet certain specialized obstacles.


This is type of Business Funding which uses of small amounts of capital from a large number of investors to fund a new business venture. Crowdfunding utilizes the simple availability of substantial organizations of folks via social media and crowdfunding sites to provide individuals and businesspersons together. Crowdfunding has the potential to increase entrepreneurship by broadening the pool of financiers from which money can be raised outside the conventional circle of proprietors, family members and venture capitalists.

Sales and Content Marketing Integration

Sales and Content Marketing Integration is a tactical promotion method concentrated on developing and dispersing information.  This information must be useful, applicable, and regular information to entice and maintain a clearly-defined viewers– and, eventually, to drive profitable consumer action.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools are, as logic would suggest, are tools which help people to collaborate. The main purpose for a collaboration tool assist in supporting multiple persons to realize a common objective which has been set. Collaboration tools may be non-technical (such as a chalkboard, paper, flipchart, post-it notes or whiteboard).  Or perhaps a computer system based application which is more common today using online cloud storage and Project Management systems.

Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is a type of a income that is probable to continue for the foreseeable future. This is income which can be predicted, considered stable and likely to continue in the future with a high degree of probability.

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