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Construction Equipment Leasing – Information Overview

It likely would not surprise you to know that Small Construction Companies make up the highest percentage of Construction Equipment Leasing users.Construction Equipment Leasing

Approximately 80% of all Small Construction Companies use Construction Equipment Leasing and the dollar value for these leases is under $75,000.

Although large businesses and corporations use Equipment Leasing and often spend millions of dollars each year, there is a large market for less expensive asset leasing.

Construction Equipment Leasing makes sense in many cases and can save businesses money. Banks, which have been adverse to Commercial Leasing in the past, are now reconsidering this potentially profitable enterprise.

New business owners are generally uninformed of the benefits of Construction Equipment Leasing. That being said, they do learn very quickly in speaking with other business owners and their own evaluations of their financing options that Leasing does make the most sense.

Aside from the money savings, there are also liability issues that can be alleviated with a good Construction Equipment Lease. There is maintenance and other responsibilities which can be avoided when set up properly. And setting up the lease properly will earn future business for the Leasing Company and make future transactions easier to come by for the Lessee.

Be sure to do your own due diligence when looking at Construction Equipment Leasing. It is not just a matter of making a phone call and getting a Lease for your assets. Be sure to understand every step and what your rights and responsibilities are no surprises.

There are many different industries that use Leasing in their businesses, such as:
Airline Companies
Automotive Businesses
Construction Companies
Dental Offices
Mailing Companies
Office Furniture for any type of business
Printing Press Businesses
Railroad Companies
Security and Surveillance Systems Leasing
Signs & Fixtures Leasing
Transportation Corporations
Warehouse Businesses
Woodworking Shops

Speak to your Commercial Finance Broker for details on refinancing or purchasing Commercial Equipment with Construction Equipment Leasing.

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