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Give Feedback That Actually Helps People Grow

Why bother giving Feedback ?

In Business, whether you are the CEO, Director, Manager, Supervisor, Intern, or a potential Customer, giving constructive feedback is important.

Many times we take it for granted that our opinion does not really matter and things will carry on just as they are no matter what we say.  Ever caught yourself saying this?  If you are being honest with yourself, you will likely answer a pro-founding “YES”.

If you run a company, giving feedback to to everyone you deal with, especially those that directly report to you, will help set expectations and give a more clear path of what they need to from your perspective.

Give Feedback That Actually Helps People Grow
One of the Most Important Parts of a Work Relationship

If there’s one thing all management experience has taught me, it’s that feedback is one of the most important parts of the relationship between an employer and employee. It is also one of the most complicated–especially when it comes to critical feedback.

But constructive criticism is very much a necessary part of work life, so it needs to be handled well and in real-time.

Kim Scott’s Radical Candor is a great way to think about delivering feedback that might not always be easy to hear, but is important nonetheless. Kim, a former Google and Apple executive, often points to an experience during her early days at Google when her then-boss Sheryl Sandberg told her she said “um” too often during an otherwise slam-dunk presentation. Sheryl was clear in her criticism and suggested Kim get a speech coach (at Google’s expense) to address the issue. Here is a further explanation of why this works:

Sheryl was being Radically Candid. If Sheryl had tried to candy coat her criticism, she would not have gotten through to Kim. Most bosses would not have pressed so hard for fear of being called “mean,” or fear of compromising their work relationship, but Sheryl knew she was being kind with her direct criticism. She showed she Cared Personally, knew what she needed to say to help Kim improve long-term, and she had the courage to say it.

It’s all about relationships

From day one, your priority as a manager should be to create good personal relationships with team members.

It has to be continuous

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a manager is not to set up ongoing, devoted time to meet one-on-one with team members and deliver feedback.

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