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Top 101 Industries That Love Accounts Receivable Finance

Ever wondered what the most popular industries are that Love Accounts Receivable Finance Companies?

Here you will find a list that we compiled internally to show who the top industries that we find that Love Accounts Receivable Finance the most.

It has so many advantages such as Increased Cash Flow and is flexible because as your sales increase, so does your Accounts Receivable Financing line. Everyone Loves a flexible Line of Credit that grows with your business.

Staffing Agencies LOVE Accounts Receivable Finance

Staffing Agencies LOVE Accounts Receivable Finance


1. Staffing and Outsourcing Services
2. Trucking – Long haul
3. Trucking – Local
4. Auto Manufacturers -T3 Suppliers
5. Auto Manufacturers -T2 Suppliers
6. Auto Manufacturers -T1 Suppliers
7. Basic Materials Wholesale
8. Cleaning Products
9. Drug Delivery
10. General Contractors
11. Information and Delivery Services
12. Machine Tools and Accessories
13. Medical Equipment Wholesale
14. Medical Practitioners
15. Oil and Gas Contractors
16. Packaging and Containers
17. Pollution and Treatment Controls
18. Residential Construction Wholesale
19. Scientific and Technical Instruments
20. Steel and Iron Wholesale
21. Steel and Iron Supplier
22. Technical Service
23. Textile – Apparel Clothing
24. Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration Wholesaler
25. Multimedia and Graphics Software
26. Metal Fabrication
27. Medical Laboratories and Research
28. Medical Appliances and Equipment
29. Internet Software and Services
30. Lumber, Wood Production
31. Industrial Equipment Wholesale
32. Hospitals
33. Gas Utilities Contractors
34. Electronics Wholesale
35. Diversified Computer Systems
36. Computers Wholesale
37. Computer Based Systems
38. Business Software and Services
39. Aerospace/Defense Products and Services
40. Auto Parts Stores
41. Building Materials Wholesale
42. Computer Peripherals
43. Data Storage Devices
44. Farm and Construction Machinery
45. Farm Products
46. General Building Materials
47. Heavy Construction
48. Home Health Care
49. Industrial Metals and Minerals
50. Internet Information Providers
51. Marketing Services
52. Meat Products Wholesale
53. Networking and Communication Devices
54. Oil and Gas Equipment and Services
55. Paper and Paper Products
56. Processed and Packaged Goods
57. Rubber and Plastics
58. Security Software and Services
59. Specialized Health Services
60. Technical and System Software
61. Trucks and Other Vehicles Service
62. Grocery Store Wholesale
63. Jewelry Stores Wholesale
64. Home Improvement Stores
65. Health Care Providers
66. Agricultural Chemicals
67. Broadcasting – Radio
68. Business Services
69. Appliances Wholesale
70. Communication Equipment
71. Dairy Products
72. Biotechnology
73. Education and Training Services
74. Home Furnishing Wholesaler
75. Information Technology Services
76. Medical Instruments and Supplies
77. Office Supplies
78. Recreational Goods Wholesale
79. Business Equipment
80. Application Software Wholesale
81. Diversified Communication Services
82. Food Wholesale
83. Management Services
84. Oil and Gas Refining and Marketing
85. Processing Systems and Products
86. Small Tools and Accessories
87. Photographic Equipment and Supplies
88. Security and Protection Services
89. Textile Industrial
90. Waste Management
91. Specialty Chemicals Wholesale
92. Auto Service
93. Auto Parts Wholesale
94. Chemicals – Major Diversified
95. Advertising Agency
96. Diversified Machinery
97. Manufactured Housing Wholesaler
98. Sporting Goods Wholesale
99. Textile – Apparel Footwear and Accessories
100. Semiconductor Equipment and Materials
101. Gaming Activity Supplier

As you can see, Accounts Receivable Finance helps to support many industries that support our communities and is widely accepted and used. Where does your business fit in this list?

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