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How To Spend The Last Hour Of Your Workday

How do you spend the Last Hour ff Your Workday?

Is it a mad rush to finish things or do you have to search for things to make you look busy to finish your workday ?

It’s 4 p.m. and you’re having a hard time focusing. So you stare at your computer and click in and out of lots of tabs. But when you look up, you see it’s only 4:03 p.m. Then, you get a glass of water, which takes all of seven minutes. You’re not feeling inspired to tackle something important, but ducking out early—or sitting at your desk and twiddling your thumbs for 50 minutes—aren’t options either

Sure, this may sound like a dream problem to someone who’s buried in piles of work, but if it’s your reality, it absolutely sucks. If you have a smaller-than-usual workload, or are lacking motivation, the feeling of being trapped at work—with time passing agonizingly slowly—can be especially strong.

How can you beat this? The answer is soft projects. They don’t demand much attention, investment, or effort, but they’ll still get you through that final hour of the workday—and help you make some progress on your to-do list. Bonus: They’ll also make you look busy (read: dedicated) to your boss.

Monday: Organize Your Emails

Tuesday: Think Through Your Next Big Project

Wednesday: Work On Your Thought Leadership

Thursday: Declutter Your Desk

Friday: Make A Schedule For Next Week

No matter how optimistic or energetic you are, you’re bound to have off days—and that’s perfectly okay. Forcing yourself to tackle a complex task (assuming there’s no deadline leaving you without a choice) can result in shoddy work and dissatisfaction, so embrace those free hours and do what you can with them.

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