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Making Money Is About You, Not Your Business

Making Money Is Great and Plans are Important

Making Money Is Great and Plans are Important but the foundation of business success is your confidence in yourself.

Before starting a business, you need to understand that making money has nothing to do with business itself. The foundation of a business is you, to begin with. The trajectory of the business will be entirely determined by the trajectory of your life. There are certain aspects of you that must work like a well-oiled machine before we can even begin on the business. I know you don’t want some cliché life coaching and that’s not what I’m going to give you. You will need some practical guidance though.

Starting a Business | Is Being an Entrepreneur for You?

Starting a Business | Is Entrepreneurship for You?

1. Preparation and struggle

Are you at the point in your life where you’re prepared to struggle? Entrepreneurship is about as easy as launching one of Elon Musk’s rocket ships into space and landing it on Mars. Knowing that you are going to experience extreme struggle takes preparation.

2. Love life

People ask me why I continue to produce free content with no monetization strategy instead of  starting another online business. So let me give you the answer: my life love is all over the place. It’s up and down like a rollercoaster and it needs serious work and attention.

3. Small daily habits.

The big audacious habits you have are not the one’s I’m concerned with. It’s the small habits you have like biting your fingernails or continuously eating sugar when you know you shouldn’t. Business is about discipline and in the startup phase, you’re going to be pulled in a million different directions. For you to have any chance in the game of business, you’re going to have to be incredibly disciplined.

4. The comfort zone factor.

Just writing this made me feel guilty. We’re all guilty of it. Starting a business is really bloody uncomfortable and so this must be a consistent feeling for you before doing any startup. I’m not just talking about asking a difficult question once in a while; I’m talking about doing crazy stuff. Things like: giving a talk to two thousand people, helping the homeless, telling people they’re not going to be able to stay in contact with you and jumping out of a plane and then doing a somersault. I haven’t done the last one yet but I did try my hand at kite surfing…haha.

5. Believe in yourself.

Business is nothing more than a set of beliefs that gain mass adoption. These beliefs drive the company and it’s people to change the world in a valuable way which will bring you all the money you could ever dream of. Before drafting those beliefs though, you have to believe in yourself. You have to understand that you can do anything you put your mind to and that you are already enough.

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Making Money Is About You, Not Your Business

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