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How to Send Cryptocurrency from your Local Wallet

Send Cryptocurrency from your Local Wallet

To begin with, I am going to assume you have some Cryptocurrency on your computer. And I am going to assume you want to send Cryptocurrency from your local wallet. It does not matter if you are using a Windows based system or Mac for this.

If you do not have your cryptocurrency in a local wallet (a wallet on your computer), but rather on an Exchange like Coinbase for example, we have another article with a video you will want to see about how to transfer Crypto from an Exchange, just click here to go to that.

If you do not have a Coinbase account and would like to open one,
just click sign-up.

Here we show how to send Cryptocurrency
(Monero) from your Local Wallet

Opening your local wallet is as simple as starting any program on your computer.

For this example, we are going to be  showing how to send the Monero cryptocurrency.

Simply click on the link on your desktop for Monero. Or, go to your programs and start the Monero wallet.  Just type “Monero” in your search bar. The wallet should show up in the results.

Just click the Monero icon and the wallet should start. Once it has started, you will need to allow it to sync – which means let it run until the ‘not synced alert’ goes away.

This can take some time, so be patient. After the sync alert goes away, you will be ready to send your crypto.

To send cryptocurrency, you will need an address to send it to.  This is very much like the email address you would need if you were sending an email to someone.

Do Not Type your Passwords

When you send Cryptocurrency , it is best to copy and paste the address into your wallet, not type it.

Sending Cryptocurrency from local wallet

For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume you send Cryptocurrency to us for our IMM Crypto-Liquidation Program. You will be provided an address from our system which you will need to copy and paste into the ‘Send: Address field in your wallet.

Then you indicate the amount you want to send in the ‘Amount’ field. If you like, you can add a note in the ‘Description:’ field as a personal reference for the transaction.

Then click send.

The wallet may prompt you to input the password of your wallet to confirm the request. Enter the password, and then click ‘OK’

The Send is now in process

Now the transmission will be in process.  It can take some time for the transmission to complete as there needs to be a number of confirmations of the transmission before the send can be considered successful.

Its like using your debt or credit card and waiting for an authorization from your bank – this takes longer than a credit card purchase usually does, but it’s the same principle.

That’s all there is to it!

And that is really all there is to sending from a local wallet to another wallet/exchange. This process is the same for practically any other Cryptocurrency.

– That said, if you have challenges in sending the crypto for your transaction, feel free to send up a note to our contact page.  When you send us a message, please do send screenshots if possible as they really do help.

If you need help with other part of the process in our IMM Crypto-Liquidation Program, be sure to check-out our other video walkthroughs, or send us a note.

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