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Setting Your Business Up Online

So you have a business and you are interested in setting your business up online – Great!  But where to start.

How you will should be Setting Your Business Up Online will depend on many factors and you better jot down what you want to achieve with a SMART approach so you can see what your results really are.  The word SMART is one of those acronyms that many people throw around not really knowing what it really means.

To make sure we get things started on the right foot, I will give a simple explanation of what it means so we have a clear understanding.

Setting Your Business Up Online

Being “Specific” is critical when setting your business up online.  If you have only a general idea of where you want to be, how will you know if you are making real progress and how will you know when you get there?  Having a general idea is fine for some things, but making your Online Presence with only a general idea does not give you a real destination.  This is one of those times where the destination is important – you are not just going for a Sunday drive with no goal other than enjoying the view.

If you already have a website, it is best to do an objective analysis of how your website is assembled before you begin your Online Business Project so that you will have a “Measurable” frame of reference to compare your before and after results.  If you want a free and objective point of view of where your site is right now and what needs to be improved today, just click the image below and put in your url.  You will have a detailed and free website analysis with actionable and Attainable goals which can be Measured (see where this is going?).

Once you have your report, this will be “Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Relevant”.  The next item is “Time-bonded” and that will depend on your ambition and ability.  Web design and Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science, but it is not easy either.  All those websites you see on the first page of Google did not magically get there.   It took hard work, planning, dedication and know-how to make it happen.

Setting Your Business Up Online

Search Engine Optimization is not about spitting spammy links all over the internet on blog posts and expecting to see your rankings rise.  Today, more than ever, having a quality website and a quality approach to promoting your website is critical when setting your business up online.

There are several tools which are very good at pointing out areas of opportunity in your website and in my experience, one tool will not tell it all.  There are tools which do specific analysis of your website but to start with and give a general health analysis, the free analysis offered in this article does a good job at pointing out the areas your site is lacking for both On Page and Off Page SEO plus it gives you a checklist of things to address.

On Page vs Off Page SEO

In order to have a top ranking website you need to have your SEO tuned for both.  On Page SEO with dealing with how well your website is put together at your URL.  Things like work count, keyword density, outbound links, internal links, SSL, caching, site maps and a lot more come into play when looking at the construction of your website.  Other tools such as YSlow and Google Page Speed  are excellent as well at pointing out things to improve your website structure.

Off Page SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Moz and Google Analytics will allow you to do in depth link analysis, traffic analysis, backlinking analysis, trust flow and citation flow analysis as well as many other tests to see how the search engines see your web site.  All these metrics are extremely important today.  And as I mentioned, it is not just about having millions of links going to, your site you need the right links from the right places in a natural manner, not spammy.

So if you are serious about Setting Your Business Up Online and want to do it well.  Take the first step and take account of what your website is like today so you can make a plan for how it will be tomorrow using a SMART point of view.

Sub-topics covered or yet to come will discuss:

Being an entrepreneur.| Understanding who your customers are and what they want. | Why you should start small. | Types of business organizations. | Finding your mentor. | Writing your business plan and your plan to succeed. | Setting your business up online. | Business licensing. | Financial reporting. | Starting your own business vs working someone else. | Top business entrepreneurs and much more.

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