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Taking your Startup to New Heights

Startup Businesses are exciting!

You have dreams and aspirations to take your Startup Business idea to the stars. You will spend hours and hours, tirelessly working to make your creation into everything you have planned.

One of the biggest challenges most Startup Businesses is not having a great idea nor even getting sales. The most difficult challenge the majority of companies face is to get the Business Financing.  You need to cover the day-to-day bills to keep the lights on, pay suppliers.  Also you will need to make your payroll and of course, cover the monthly taxes while you are waiting to collect your payments from your customers.

IMM Financial has Cashflow Financing products to help startup businesses as well as seasoned companies. Best of all, this can be set up before you even open your doors.  The moment you start to generate invoices to your customers, you will be able to have the cash-in-hand within a day or two!


What you will need for your startup.

Next, your startup will also need store fixtures, equipment, computers, telephones and many other things. In order to qualify for these things, there will need to be some sort of income.  This income must be shown to meet the servicing requirements. In other words, in order to get Equipment Financing, you will need to have the ability to show you can pay for it.  There must be inflows of funds to meet the monthly payments.Dreaming of Your Startup Business

When using the Cashflow Financing used with your invoice financing and combining it with Equipment Leasing, you will have the means to have a steady flow of funds.  This will enable you to pay your bills as well as meet the monthly payment requirement of your Equipment Leasing.


By having your plan in place as soon as possible will mean less stress and can help ride the high feeling of chasing your dreams and goals.

Other things to keep in mind is that IMM Financial also has several Small Business Loan products.  Purchase Order Finance, Trade Finance as well as Letters of Credit available for both Domestic and International Financial enhancement should your business have the need for even more alternative financing.

Remember, IMM Financial, Business Financing … Done Right.

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