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Technology: The Best way to Achieve a Better Tomorrow

Imagine our world without modern technology, no phones, no computers, and no high-tech medical equipment.

Our lives would be completely different without the modern technology we have today. Many people dispute that technology improvements have benefited society within the last decade. Some would say “The children these days don’t know what it’s like to have a childhood because they always have their heads in a screen when it should be in a book”.   I am here to prove those people wrong. Technology improving helps us in many different ways.  Examples of these beneficial technology advances are more advanced cars for safer plus more fuel efficient vehicles.  Not to mention learning in a more productive way, and perhaps most important,  the medical advances we have today.

Automotive Technology Advances

One of the more significant ways technology has improved over recent years is making cars safer. Cars now have things like automatic breaking systems that stop collisions without you even pressing a button. There are sensors that detect dangers. Things like cars ahead, stop signs, and pedestrians walking across the street or down the side of the road. This may seem to be insignificant improvements to a car, but it can turn “a serious accident” into “a close call”.  Automatic breaking has saved so many lives.  It can only get better in the future and this is all thanks to modern technology.

Automotive Braking

Next up in the car industry, cars now break easier.  Now when I say that I do not mean the car’s cabin, I am referring to everything outside of that. If a car did end up in a serious accident, the exterior of the car is likely to be destroyed, which may seem like a bad thing. Yes your insurance might need to pay a bit more to get your car repaired.  That said,  it is completely worth it once you understand why the car falls apart.  Tt is not because of poor quality.

The reason why the cars exterior of your car will disintegrate is because it is absorbing the brunt of the shock from the impact so that once the force reaches you, it is much less painful. . These areas are called “crush zones”, they surround the passenger compartment. They are designed to absorb the shock generated by the impact so there is less getting to the people inside. The car will literally sacrifice itself for the passengers inside the car. In older model cars, the whole point was to withstand great impacts in a crash, yes there will be less damage to the car, but more force will be transferred to the passengers. With the latest technology advances, car industries are finding the best ways to make cars as safe as possible.

Thank You Internet!

The world of modern technology has an endless reach, one such major advance being the internet. The internet allows us to learn more productively. An excellent example of this is learning a new language. You can easily go online and find a website that can teach you a language, and it’s free!

Many people find that learning a language online is much more simple.  This is because you don’t have to show up for classes that you’ve payed hundreds of dollars for.  You can do it whenever it is convenient for you. You also don’t have to go at the pace of the class either.  If you are a quick learner, you can go through any lesson you want and not have to wait for anyone else. You have many resources online so if you don’t understand a topic you can easily search up that concept right then and there. Learning a new language is an amazing thing, and the fact we can do it at home is even better, lessons online are probably one of the best things on the internet today.

Online Leaning

Thanks to the internet, learning is easier than ever. Have you ever had a question that you just couldn’t seem to think of the answer to? Did you ever figure out what it was? How long did that take you to figure out? If you were to have done the right thing by using the internet, you could’ve found the answer within a minute of looking. You can enter anything into a search engine called Google and found thousands, if not millions of websites that can answer any question you have.

If you were to think of a question right now and I searched it on Google, I can guarantee you I could find an answer. Many people take Google for granted because not many people get that almost anything can be answered with its help. There is now a common phrase used when a question comes up, and its “Google it”, and I completely stand by this phrase. If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to look it up. Your knowledge is at your fingertips.

Medical Advances

Future TechnologyLast but definitely not least is our medical research progressions. The majority of what we know about the medical world is purely based on the last 30 years of studies and research from around the world. Technology is used every day in the medical world, by using things like -CAT scans, CT scans, X-rays.

These things help us diagnose the issue someone is having without making even a single cut. Using each of these types of scans, it will give you a different picture based on what you need. CAT scan gives you a very in depth, 3D picture of the entire body.  A CT scan also gives you a 3D picture but gives you strictly one area of the body whether that is your brain, or your feet. Lastly an X-ray gives you a 2D picture that can show fluid in your lungs or even cancer. Each of these scans are used for different purposes.  We wouldn’t be able to do it without today’s modern technology.


Next up is Vaccines. Without the internet, our vaccines would be very limited because we wouldn’t know about other diseases around the world. The reason why we have ten or more vaccines when were baby’s is to protect us from diseases all around the world.  A prevention in case they ever did get back to our country.

We still keep getting vaccines even when we’re older is because even today new diseases are being discovered.  Scientists are creating medicine and vaccines to prevent those who don’t have the disease or sickness from getting it. We have records online to help other scientists keep track of illnesses.  This way we can create vaccines quickly to give it to us to protect us. We should all be extremely thankful for the first person who got the mumps somewhere in British Colombia.  Perhaps even more so the scientist who documented it in 1914, to save us from getting it today.


As you can see, modern technology has benefited us in several different ways including more advanced cars for safer and more fuel efficient driving.  As well as learning in a more productive way, and for almost all medical research we have today.  Technology has many branches, and there are so many more to come with how quickly everything is evolving in our world. Modern technology is like the key to open the door for a better tomorrow, and just remember, your knowledge is at your fingertips, so take advantage of it while you can.

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